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From Aesop all the way to Japan, where the name of the company comes from, fox plays a significant role in plenty of myths. Myōbu has adopted the identity of the fox which is holy and brings blessing and luck to those around it. Nowadays our society calls for elegance and simplicity brought together harmonically with nature. Therefore, Myōbu is here to present intelligent production line using the finest fabrics and classy streetwear design. Showing complete respect to the environment, we create new working positions as well as a common vision for in these challenging times it is pioneering and rebellious to create. So let's rebel together, as each and every one of us has the need to be unique.


Nick Kriemadis was raised in tailoring shops from an early age. From one generation to the next, he was taught the art of tailoring and repairing by his grandmother and mother. In the 1950s, his grandmother opened the first tailoring shop in the center of Athens and a few years later, his mother opened another shop too. Although his mother opened her own tailoring and repairing shop, she has kept up the tradition until now and her business maintains one of the best and well-known businesses in Athens. As Nick claims, “repairing and altering the garments is much more difficult than creating them. You need to know all those little secrets that will make the garment still look brand new and fix all the imperfections perfectly”.


Nick "combined" streetwear with high fashion, high-quality fabrics with the exceptional craftsmanship,elegant style with "smart" dressing and he created a line of super limited essential clothes designed and sewn by hand with attention to the smallest details in order to have the perfect cut and be extremely cool. Nick is the ambassador of sustainability and mentality 3R "reduce", "reuse" and "repair". He is a modern designer, but first of all, he is a tailor of urban clothing who gives his own credo to the style that seems to express himself as well as to a more individual way of dressing that counts on the utility, the quality, the customization and the comfortness of the clothes.